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What is Om the Go?

Om the Go was founded by a traveling yogi, for traveling yogis! Our Asana Pillow is a 2-in-1 neck pillow and a travel yoga mat - designed with your “om” the go lifestyle in mind. 

Is the mat non slip?

Yes. The mat is made out of a non-slip weave pattern that will keep you dry and strong in your pose. In fact, the more you sweat, the better! The mat provides even better gripping action when damp. No more sweaty palms, no more slipping. 

On what surface can I use the mat?

This mat can be used anywhere and everywhere but best used on your hotel room carpet or over a rental mat while traveling. We also prefer a sandy beach, a grassy park, a dirty desert, or just about anywhere you can imagine yourself practicing. What’s great is the mat is machine washable! So you never have to worry about it getting dirty and staying dirty. It can also be used on surfaces such as hardwood or tile. Just be aware that it will not provide much padding at only 2.5mm thick, but the pillow can double as extra support for the knees, neck, or tailbone.

Is it a yoga mat or a yoga mat towel?

While it is useable on its own, the Asana mat is more similar to a non-slip yoga mat towel than a traditional mat. The Asana Mat's specially formulated, non-slip blend of polyester and nylon with a skid-less layer on the underside prevents you from slipping. However, you should not expect the same support as a traditional mat. 

Can I use it over another yoga mat?

Yes. The Asana Pillow mat can be used as a non-slip, hygienic covering while using a standard yoga mat.  

What are the specs?

The mat is standard size at a width of 24 inches x 68 inches long, and it is 1/10" or 2.5mm thick. The entire product, neck pillow and travel yoga mat combined, weigh approximately 1.5 pounds or .6 kilograms.

Does the mat smell like rubber?

No. There is a thin, non-slip layer on the underside of the mat but there is no rubber smell. Since the mat is machine washable, you can use your favorite detergent to get it smelling just the way you love. 

Can I wash the mat and pillow?

Yes! Both the neck pillow and travel yoga mat are machine washable. You don't have to worry about residual sweat or germs on your yoga mat ever again. For both the pillow and the mat: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not use fabric softener.

Can the neck pillow clip onto my luggage? 

Yes. There is a small fastener at the base of the neck pillow that allows for easy fastening on your purse, backpack, rolling suitcase, or any other gear you use while “om” the go.

Can the neck pillow be used without the mat inside?

The travel yoga mat inside the pillow is what makes up most of the support for the neck pillow since it is designed to be used while traveling. Without the mat inside, the neck pillow is only about two inches thick. Once you take the mat out of the neck pillow, it can be used as additional support during your practice but without the mat inside, the neck pillow will not have much support for your neck. 

How do I put the mat back into the pillow?

The best way is to the fold long side of the mat in half, fold mat in half again, fold mat in half for a third time, and then continue to roll mat tightly. You can fold and roll on a flat surface or while standing, whatever is your preference. Do your best to keep a tight roll! Once you have rolled the entire mat, hold one of the ends and slowly push the mat into one side of the pillow. The rest of the mat should follow easily.