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What to pack this summer (carry-on only)!

One of our mantras at Om the Go is "Keep Calm and Carry (your yoga mat) On", but it doesn't stop at the yoga mat! I am always an advocate of carry-on only. You save money, you save time, and carrying on versus checking a bag guarantees that your luggage will arrive with you to your destination. It takes some extra time and energy to prepare for light packing, but I believe it's absolutely worth it.

"The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials." – Lin Yutang

This summer, I'm embarking on a 4-month journey through Taiwan, Indonesia, and India. I packed up my Osprey 40L backpack and a Fossil purse, and that's it! I broke down the contents of these bags below so you can see exactly what I packed, and why. Most items have multiple uses, as inspired by the Om the Go Asana Pillow, a 2-in-1 neck pillow and travel yoga mat.

3 bikinis: Since I'll be traveling to warmer, tropical climates, bikinis will be necessary! Also, the bikinis I packed can double as a sports bra / yoga top.

2 shorts, 2 capris, 1 pant: I also packed two athletic bottoms, a pair of shorts and long leggings. Jean shorts are always a must for me, they can go with anything. And black is nice because it goes with everything and can be paired with a scarf and some nice jewelry for a night out.

7 shirts: Crop tops, tank tops, casual and simple. Some of the tank tops can double as athletic wear as well. I also packed a big button down top that can be used as a shirt itself or a little layering.

Reusable cutlery and straws: I have a Bamboo cutlery set that includes chopsticks! And bought a set of reusable straws from Sunshine Straw Company (for Taiwan Boba tea, of course 😉) that includes a straw cleaner too! 

Jewelry: I definitely plan on purchasing some jewelry while traveling (especially in India!) but also love to pack some to freshen up an outfit. 

3 dresses: I packed a floral, a plain black dress (great for dressing "up" at night), and a floral coverup type that can be layered or worn as a beach cover-up. 

2 pairs of shoes: The only shoes I packed are a pair of purple Teva sandals and a plain pair of black boots. I swear by my black boots on trips. Sandals for day / beach adventures and boots for night / hiking adventures. The boots are great for dressing up an outfit at night as well. 

While packing, think layering and multi-use items! A bikini top that can be layered under a tank top for a yoga practice, and that same bikini top is used at the beach later to swim and that tank top is later paired with a nice bralette and necklace for a night out.  


Toiletries: face wash, body soap, sponge, toner, Josie Maran argan oil, glycolic face mask, deodorant, sunscreen, mouthwash, cacao butter body moisturizer, razor, Farawild zero cup, LUSH solid perfume, flossers, toothbrush.

Makeup: eyeshadow palette, miscellaneous eye brushes, bronzer, highlighter, red tint (for cheeks or lips!), clear mascara, a couple of lipsticks, and lipgloss. 

What's in my purse? These items are usually only in my purse during travel days! So most are "airplane necessities" in my opinion. I always carry a sketchbook journal and some fun pens (and I also have a small set of watercolor paints you'll see soon). Some other great travel partners are over-ear headphones (ear pods are no match for the potential of a crying baby or snoring seat mate), an eye mask, and a good book! Also, I carry some argan balm, which is a heavy moisturizer, in the little to-go makeup bag in my purse because flights can be SO drying. After I wash my hands, I feel like they're going to crack apart. And on long, long flights my nose starts to feel like it's drying out too so I'll even put some of this balm at the base of my nostrils to help feel like I'm breathing moisture! Eye drops are great too for dry eyes. And drink lots of water!!! I also pack a reusable bottle with me for the road - this saves money and you avoid having to use so many single-use plastic bottles.


Below is the Om the Go "office". Laptop, GoPro, some blank thank you notes (great to have while traveling for different hosts or friends you meet!), and some watercolor paints to get creative. Simple office, anywhere. I pictured the over-ear headphones again here because they can help me drown out the noise from a busy place with WIFI if I'm trying to concentrate. And I only brought my phone, laptop, and GoPro chargers.



And ta-da! I'm ready to go. All packed up. 

Thank you for reading and I hope this inspires you to pack light and never leave your yoga mat behind again :)


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