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We Think This Age-Old Saying Has It All Wrong

Recently, I embarked on a 4 day, 3 night cruise from the Port of Miami to the beautiful Bahamas. The cruise, called The Inception Cruise, was marketed as the “worlds first all-inclusive floating music festival" and I ended up having the time of my life! It was a weekend full of wild, crazy, fun.


I remember, throughout the weekend, having reoccurring moments of thought that would allow me to pause, take a step back, and look around to really take in the magnitude of the event I was experiencing. Sailing the Atlantic, on a massive, luxury cruise liner, to islands that are one of the most recognizable points on earth seen from space (the Bahamas because of their unbelievable water hues) all while listening to some of the top DJ’s and artists in the world right now. WHAT?! It was almost all too much to handle. And this is where I had the thought, once again, that, “does time really fly when you’re having fun?”


This was a prevailing thought I had throughout my recent world travels and upon experiencing endless amounts of so called, “fun", I’d have to disagree with this age old saying.


For me, time seems endless while having fun. One day on the road feels like three - each day is FULL of new experiences, stimuli, and people, that I feel as if my brain can’t even fathom that all this intake is from one day hence, providing the illusion of one day feeling like three or one month feeling like six. The past weekend felt like a week, and the past year of my life has felt like an absolute lifetime.


There’s a key difference between being alive and living - and this difference is what inflates time for me.


As the sound philosopher Seneca has said, “live wide, not long.”

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