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The Power of “OM” Gives Us All the Feels


The word “Om” is an enigma. What does it mean? Some would define it as a sacred mantra, some say it’s the sound of the universe, others claim the word represents the divine.

Although I could write an entire article on all the different definitions of Om, I want to break it down to what it really is. The Sanskrit language is enticingly unique in it’s “perfectness”. The word Sanskrit literally means ‘perfected’ and this is apparent while studying the grammar of this ancient language. The creators of Sanskrit delicately designed it to make you feel the word of which you are speaking. For example, the sound “shh” is considered one of the most soothing sounds for newborns. When you say the word “shanti”, which means peace in Sanskit, it is precisely designed to incite emotions of peace, tranquility, or bliss.

The word Om is no different. When chanted, or sung, Om is comprised of three parts; a-u-m or ah-oh-ma. In Sanskrit, each different part is designed to ignite a very specific emotion according to the nature of the sound.

Ah. When someone is afraid what do they do? Scream, “Ahhh!”. What does screaming do? Release fear. What does releasing fear cause? Freedom. The first part of the Om mantra is about becoming fearless.

Oh. When someone is in awe or in pleasure what do they say? They say, “ohhh”. This sound is designed to bring about happiness and pleasure. The second part of the Om mantra is about becoming happy.

Ma. When someone wants comfort what do they want? Mama. Ma is a healing sound that was designed to be of comfort. The third part of the Om mantra is about becoming healed.

When broken down, Om is about becoming fearless, happy and healed.

A mantra doesn’t have to be religious. It’s really just about getting what you want. Whether that’s about getting closer to the divine or becoming fearless, happy and healed, that’s on you!

Keep Calm and Mantra On.


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