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I Ask Myself this Morbid Question Daily

I'm here:   

And this funky house song with the lyrics, "do what you love" is on repeat...


This place (Gili air) is seriously bringing me back to Perissa Beach, Greece, where I was June of this year. Appropriately, I find myself on the beach, in a bean bag, at a trendy restaurant and I order a Mediterranean salad to further the nostalgia. Not usually my style to order western food in Asian countries but, "do what you love", right?

On this note, I had the thought the other day while cruising the seas from the island of Flores to Gili Air, Indonesia that I could die happy. I can't believe I can comfortably say, at the mere age of 23, that I could die happy. Don't feel like this is morbid, because I actually feel that I am unbelievably blessed to feel this way. In a world that believes we are all gifted with a full life to live out until we're say, 80 years old, that's not actually the reality. Some of us won't be here 5 years from now, some not next year, and maybe some not even next week. We often overlook this reality of time. We say we'll pursue our dreams next year when we have enough money, or maybe when we finally gain the courage to leave home, or the WORST - when we're retired. Wake up! Start cherishing every moment you have on this earth because it is truly a gift to be here and remember, DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

Great quote by the poet Rumi, 

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray." 👣


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