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How to Practice Yoga “Om” the Go (without paying big bucks!)

I love yoga and I love to travel. Unless you’re paying big bucks to go to a yoga retreat in some faraway land, usually the two don’t mesh so well. Often times in the past, I found myself neglecting my practice while on the road. The hassle of bringing my yoga mat with me, the difficulty in finding a proper place to practice, and the thought of actually taking time to do so, made a continuation of my practice seem unattainable while traveling. Well, we all need to wash this self-defeating thinking away! And always remember to BYOB: Bring Your Own Bliss.


I recently started a company, "Om the Go", with this exact dilemma at the forefront of my business model. After completing university, I traveled the world for nearly a year and as much as I wanted to continue my yoga practice while traveling, it proved to be very difficult. With time, diligence and the occasional practice boost of staying at yoga ashrams and attending classes all over the globe, I saw my practice grow stronger and stronger. I always pushed myself to practice whenever I could, wherever I could.


I want to convey to others that doing yoga and meditation while traveling is not impossible, as difficult as it may seem. With my company, Om the Go, I want to provide the essential tools as well as tips, tricks, and motivations on why and how it’s possible.


Here are some simple tips to get started...


Firstly, a part of the yogic philosophy is the concept of “losing the ego” and this was definitely a necessity in this journey. Sometimes, while on the go, you have to practice in the strangest of places if you’re going to get your #yogaeverydamnday in! Forget about who and what is going on around you and just, be.


Second, invest in the proper equipment. I always joke that I’m so frugal, I won’t workout until I buy an expensive gym membership or equipment so I feel that I will use it merely to retain the value. haha. But, whatever gets you going! I think it’s important to invest in a travel yoga mat that suits your needs. I traveled with a Manduka mat for months which worked well but the space and weight (still, it’s two pounds!) was very significant for someone like me who was only traveling with a backpack. This exact dilemma inspired me to make my own travel mat, the Asana Pillow, that will take up ZERO space in my backpack and add ZERO pounds to my luggage weight. How do I do this you may ask? Well, I developed a product where I combined a yoga mat and a travel neck pillow. Voila! Can someone say, life hack?


And lastly, consistency is key. A little practice a day goes a long way. While you’re waiting for your flight at the airport, a few minutes after waking up in the morning or going to sleep at night, or while at the beach! Just a few salutations, a few stretches, and some deep breathing will ensure you’re always bringing your own bliss, wherever your journey takes you.


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