Om the Go was founded on the empowerment of what it is to come home to yourself, no matter where you are in the world. This is available to anyone, at anytime.

She sought after adventure during her travels, but little did she know this grand trip would actually be the beginning of the rest of her life. On one simple day, in a hostel in Cambodia, she came home to herself. This experience, that just so happened to take place on her yoga mat, would be the defining moment she used as inspiration to build her business, Om the Go. She knew she wanted to make it more simple for others to access this feeling - the “coming home to yourself”. 

Om the Go was birthed back in 2015, when founder Tara Lynn was on a solo, post-grad journey around-the-globe.

In 2016, Tara hired a sourcing company to launch the first Om the Go product - the Asana Pillow, a 2-in-1 neck pillow and yoga mat. Throughout this process, Tara was living the #omthego lifestyle. She received product prototypes while traveling in Michigan, Ecuador, and while attending her Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India, she received the final prototype of the Asana Pillow. In late 2016, while in Bali, Indonesia she met with the team helping her create the Asana Pillow and held the final version of the product, going to production in the first quarter of 2017. She quickly realized there’s a lot more to running a business than having ideas.

In the summer of 2017, She taught her first yoga class on a beach in Florida and soon after, began teaching a weekly community (donation based) yoga class in St. Petersburg, FL. 

In the spring of 2018, Tara hosted her first yoga retreat at what is now Wonderfield Farm in Florida, and felt, for the first time, how impactful retreat can be. That winter, she co-hosted a sailing retreat in the British Virgin Islands.

The following year, she designed and facilitated her first Yoga x Sailing retreat in The Bahamas, co-hosted a sailing retreat in the Greek Islands and created a Yoga X Sailing experience on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. 

In the summer of 2019, inspired by her pranayama (breath) practice and love of the sea, Tara enrolled in her first freediving course. This gave her the inspiration to start sharing freediving during the retreats she creates on, around, or in the water. She launched the Daytreat, a local island retreat in Florida, giving her guests access to tap into their "blue mind" - and come home to themselves.

In March 2020, everything stopped - hello pandemic!

Letting her past experiences brew into future inspiration, Tara emerged from the retreat hiatus, to host a gathering at Wonderfield Farm in late 2020, and remembered just how important this work is. 

This was the time she began laying the foundations to create Apneom: a science-backed practice, protocol, and retreat experience that provides a path home to yourself.

A bit of background


Om the Go has refined the vision of our company to provide the most impact. We see the benefits of yoga, breath, and nature in ourselves and the amazing souls who have entrusted us to guide them on retreat. We are on the path to create the world’s most accessible and exciting solutions to embolden happier, more fulfilled people who are inspired to be self-healers. 

We teach and encourage our community to come home to themselves, wherever they are in the world. 

The Founder

Tara Lynn Hubbard

Tara studied yoga in India in 2016 and received her teacher training in the Hatha style of yoga. She has offered community yoga classes and retreats worldwide, and has an immense passion for living a self-reflective path, on a quest to share what it means to come home to yourself. She believes the more people that find home in themselves, will lead us to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. This inspiration is what has fueled what we now know as Om the Go.

As yoga instructor, rescue diver, and an explorer of the depths - in and out of the water. She shares the benefits and explorations of breath practice, yoga philosophy, and freediving in her classes, writing, and retreats around the world.

Tara feels exceptionally comfortable in the water and thrives on inspiring others to create a stronger relationship with the sea, and themselves, while on retreat.

The Travel Coordinator

Taylor rayne

Taylor Rayne is a solo travel enthusiast, a National Park explorer, an advocate for Mother Earth and a newfound homesteader. She is often spotted upside down on her hands or strumming a ukulele. With a background in small, local business and a deep-rooted passion for yoga, travel and personal growth, she is the newest addition to the Om The Go family!

With Taylor's immense travel experience , we have confidence that her knowledge, skillset, and organizational abilities will be a huge asset to you while planning your next Om the Go retreat.