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Packing Inspiration for Your Daytreat to Shell Key Camping Retreat.

A detailed post written from experience to help you love big and pack light.

We allll know the feeling. That daunting pre-adventure anxiety. We’re stoked for what’s to come.. but do we have EVERYTHING we could possibly need? Especially when we’re talking about 24 hours on a primitive island with no running water?! I curated a packing list, initially for myself and quickly realized I’ve created a GEM that can be a useful guide for other adventure seekers. Here it is; everything is divided into categories, down to the toothpaste.

Camping Gear: 

  • Tent 
  • Tarp for under tent – this helps with ground moisture
  • Hammer for tent stakes – helpful with the sand
  • Self-inflating sleeping pad – or alternative of your choice
  • Blankets/pillow
  • Small towel – for general use: sand, sweat, etc. 
  • Lightweight chair – for around the campfire 
  • Headlamp/flashlights 
  • Broom/dust pan – to mitigate sand in your cozy nest
  • Insect repellent – historically we haven’t needed it, but just in case!

Adventure gear:

  • Journal / pens 
  • Water for 24 hours – approximately 120oz
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen – ideally reef safe! 
  • Beach hat – straw or baseball cap 
  • Lightweight long-sleeved shirt – sun protector 
  • Beach towel 
  • Swim suit 
  • Cozy clothes – check the weather! We’ve experienced some chilly nights out on the island. 
  • Sandals
  • An instrument for jammin’
  • A book for leisure reading
  • Favorite snacks – we’ll provide healthy snacks, but feel free to bring your necessities! 


  • Face WIPES – remember, no running water
  • Body WIPES – 😅
  • Hair comb 
  • Deodorant 
  • Qtips – to get the beloved sand out of your ears
  • Tweezers – for sand spurs 
  • Toothbrush 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Lady hygiene products
  • Extra hair ties/headbands 
  • Chapstick
  • Vitamins/medication
  • Essential oils 
  • First aid supplies 

May you silently repeat the word “check” as you skim through  🙏
It’s safe to assume if it’s not on this list, then we’re taking care of it.

*Please try to pack your things in an organized manner so it can be easily boarded on and off the boat. It can get quite messy (and dangerous) if tents and chairs and bags are strewn all over the boat. My suggestion: Pack everything in a large duffel bag or rubbermaid plastic box. 

In case you were wondering (or worrying 🙈) we will provide an enclosed “island toilet” for use during the Daytreat. Wait until you see this setup! We’ll give a brief “how to” on compost toilet use. 

So excited to be Daytreatin’ into the night with you!

xo Taylor Rayne