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“Travel” is a State of Mind

Travel at its essence is a mindset, a way to see the world.

I remember reading a beautifully detailed Bill Bryson quote about travel that, simply put, said, “ I could spend my life arriving each evening in a new city.”

The best part of travel? I don’t actually have to arrive each evening to a newcity. The city I call home can be new, if I choose to see it that way. I can travel each and every day, even when I’m “home”, if only I allow myself to see.

Travel at its essence is a mindset, a state of mind, a way to see the world. I travel — transport myself to distant horizons and subject myself to discomforts disguised as adventures— as a way to remember this. The most difficult part, is remembering this when I find myself back “home”.

After adventuring around the world this summer for about four months, I found myself back home this past weekend. And when I say home, I mean home home — the place where I was born. This is the most difficult place for me to travel. It’s so difficult to be in the travel mindset when I’m home because I think I know everyone and that I’ve already done it all. SO WRONG. If I open up my eyes, open up my heart, and open up my mind, I find there are so many new and profound people to meet, there is so much to learn, and so many new experiences to be had.

Just four days after arriving home, I find myself going to meet up with a woman I “met” on Instagram, in the city across the bay from where I live, to attend a conference I had no idea about. THIS IS TRAVEL. The evening had somehow (the way travel always unravels into the most epic experiences) progressed into a sunset boat trip full of food and dancing and fun. My new friends kept saying, “It’s so cool you came out even though you didn’t know us!” It was in this moment I realized that I was still traveling.